ESG integration

At PCJ, we believe that responsible corporate behavior with respect to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors should have a positive influence on long-term financial performance.

We incorporate these factors as an integral part of our fundamental research process.

In-house scoring methodology

ESG ratings are assigned for each Canadian company in our coverage universe. Data is gathered from the company disclosures, annual reports, analyst research, and meetings with company management.

Company engagement

ESG ratings are not used to screen, rather as a tool to engage with management. We believe change is driven first through shareholder engagement, then divestment.

Collaborative engagement

We engage with other institutional investors to leverage internal resources and expertise, and encourage transparency on ESG factors.


We believe that data drives decision making. We actively promote companies to disclose their ESG commitment and targets.

Industry dialogue

We are an active participant in industry conferences on ESG research, advocacy, and active share ownership.


United Nations – Principles for
Responsible Investment (UNPRI)

In 2015, PCJ became a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing initiative, focusing on incorporating ESG considerations into the investment process.

Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG)

Since 2014, PCJ has been an active member of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. Representing the interests of institutional investors, CCGG promotes good governance practices in Canadian public companies and the improvement of the regulatory environment to best align the interests of boards and management with those of their shareholders, and to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the Canadian capital markets.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Since 2015, PCJ has been a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project. CDP focuses on measuring and understanding companies’ environmental impact in order to build a sustainable economy. They provide data and analysis in order to be able to compare companies’ environmental impact, as well as drive corporate transparency around climate change, deforestation and water security, by encouraging companies to respond to disclosure requests.

Climate Engagement Canada (CEC)

PCJ became a founding participant of the CEC in July 2021. The CEC is a Canadian finance-led collaborative initiative that aims to drive dialogue between the financial community and Canadian corporations on climate-related risks, opportunities and transition to a net zero economy.

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July 1st, 2022